Conference Rooms

There are three conference halls at the resort specifically designed and fully equiped for meetings depending on our customers requirements and number of participants involved and a Convention Centre capable of accomodating up to 3000 people .


Board Room

 Ideal for board meetings , with capacity for 22 people with all amendments necessary for meetings. 



Malaika Conference Hall

Designed for sole purpose of meetings with state of the art meeting facilities for smooth uninterrupted proceedings with clear sound and visuals to aid the proceedings with capacity to comfortably cater to 200 people.


Ball Room

With capacity to hold up to 450 people, with breathtaking 360 views of the resort, its ideal for large meetings and weddings or as the clients wish according to their needs.


Convention Centre

Away from residential rooms, capable of housing up to 3000 people. Ideal for trade fairs,weddings,parties or whatever function required by clients. With a parking lot of 2,501.31 square metres to accomodate your attendees vehicles.