Mwanza, well known as "Rock City" is an international city, home to cultural and culinary influences that span the globe. Our catering team reflects this creative, multicultural approach, and is adept at creating sensational menus that draw on African, Indian, Persian, western and other culinary techniques and ingredients, as well as more traditional fare. We also benefit from the region’s bounty of fresh fruit, vegetables and a wide variety of fresh fish from Lake Victoria , and its active artisanal culture of locally produced specialties.

When designing your wedding menu, you may choose from our extensive array of innovative menus, or we can create a custom menu to suit your preferences. We can also create menus to suit diverse cultural and ethnic traditions.

Let our professionals take charge of your next event so you can relax and enjoy with family and friends. Whether it's an intimate dinner or a  corporate event for 5000, our Event Planners, Chefs and Catering Specialists will pamper your guests and make your experience memorable.